As we came down to the final 5 laps of the Advocare Race of the America’s. Scott Eckrich had laid his cards out on the table well before the battle began. His situation was clear; save fuel, save fuel, hold off Wright. As final pit stops were made, the drama began to unfold. When Wright broke out of the long pit lane, he found himself 7.5 seconds behind with 12 laps to go. His situation was clear; run the #70 down. With the Eckrich conserving, and Wright charging, Wright made up 1.5 seconds on his out lap. With 5 laps to go he had closed inside of 2 seconds. With 17 miles to go the shots began firing…

18 Drivers started the race on the 20 turn, 3.418 mile track, that sets just outside of the Austin, Texas. The brain child of German engineer Hermann Tilke, was designed with Formula 1 in mind, with its extremely tight turns and undulating elevation. Tilke has designed multiple tracks for the FIA including Bahrain, Instanbul Park, Yas Marina, and the Sochi Autodrom, which uses the Olympic park from the 2014 Winter Olympics. The track provided a daunting challenge for the Advocare Cup series driver as they were tasked with wheeling an overpowered, overweight car, over a track designed for, quite frankly, the exact opposite. With difficulty of the track, league officials decided that, incident points were not going to count, and off track, was on track! It loosened up the track a little bit and allowed the drivers in the heavy cars a little bit more wiggle room. I think we can all agree that was the right call.

Qualifying however had to be incident free to record a time. Scott Eckrich’s #70 Ready 2 Frag Camry started at top of the pylon.At 2:12.244 he set a blistering lap and “Road Course Ringer” Jake Wright 0.934 seconds behind. The Top Ten starters were separated by 6.186 seconds. As you can tell the track was unrelenting even with and 85*F ambient temperature.

#27 Wright closed in on the #70 of Eckrich as the crossed the start line, it was side by side, and it would stay that way for the better part of 2 1/2 laps. The racing was aggressive but not egregious, tires were smoking, and by the time it was over both cars looked a little worn out. As the two drivers battled it out and took their final run down the “Andretti Straight” (Yaczik and Tanner’s name), Eckrich’s Engine burped… and burped again… starved for fuel. But it was over, Eckrich’s luck, or lack thereof, continues to haunt him on road courses, as Eckrich’s race would end out of fuel. But luck is part of racing, and lady luck has been riding along with Jake Wright. He takes the win and his unprecedented roll on the road courses continues.

Also with a win Sunday night in the Sportsman Truck Series at Mid-Ohio and another win Monday night at the HPP Simulations 100 also at Mid-Ohio, Jake Wright completed the first weekend sweep in PRL history!

When it was all said and done the #6 of Tommy Rhyne edged out the #24 of James Krahula for 2nd place. They battled each other most of the night. Jeff Ward in #89 Bose machine, recorded his 6th top 5 of the season and Gerald Livingston recorded his first top 5 of the season to round out the top 5. With Mr. Excitement taking the evening off Jonathon Caddell now takes over the top spot in points scored, Eckrich moves to 2nd and Jake Wright with his win moves into 3rd. Eckrich and Wright both have 4 wins and are tied with 631 points a piece. So they will be 1 and 2 in the chase if it were to start today.

Well, we leave Austin in the dust and go to the World’s Most Famous Race Track. Speedway, Indiana and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway play host to the largest single day virtual event for the Advocare Brickyard 300. With the Indy Dog’s on the grill and 285,000+ in the stands, this is a must see race! Join Brian Yaczik and Tanner Sharpe for live flag to flag action, with coverage beginning at 9:05pm.

Final Results
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