The Duel’s Are Done & The Lineup Is Set

Big net code caused the big-one in Duel #1.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Two races and two winners on Thursday, as the Patriot Fire Duel’s at Daytona setup the starting grid for the Daytona 300 on February 23rd. Points for the first time were also given out for the Duel’s with Bonus Points heading to the Top 10 in each.

#8 Randy Yokum saw victory lane for the first time in his Premier Racing League career.

Randy Yokum was able to push his way to the front of the field in the closing laps of Duel #1, which put him out ahead of the big-one when net code between Michael Chrobok and Tommy Rhyne left only three cars without damage. Randy was able to stay ahead of Josh King and Greg McDougal to earn his 2nd row starting spot for the Daytona 300. Rich Jette and Reed Rundell were able to limp their cars home in the 4th and 5th positions.

#55 Brian Yaczik is able to stay ahead of the wreck that ended the race.

Duel #2 saw James Krahula and Brian Yaczik share time at the front. In the end, it was Yaczik who would find himself out in front when Paul Pepper and Tyler Dalton made contact in the closing laps and end the race under yellow. Scott Eckrich would find himself just feet behind Yaczik to finish 2nd, followed closely by Matt Murphy, Rett McBride, and RJ Williams who avoided the late wreck to close out the Top 5.

The Premier Racing League Patriot Fire Cup Series field is now set for the Daytona 300 on February 23rd. You will be able to catch all of the action at 9pm ET on iRacing Live and the Global SimRacing Channel. For more information on the Premier Racing League please visit or at

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